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NEMOH is an Initial Training Network under the European Community FP7. The training objective of NEMOH is that of forming the next generation of European volcanologists, capable of extending further the knowledge and understanding of volcano dynamics and the methods and paradigms for volcanic hazard evaluation. Training is conceived to develop in the context of internationally coordinated research structured in closely interconnected research activities.


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Field Course, Nicolosi, Sicily, April, 2015

Aims and scope: This intensive week-long (5 taught days) field course on Mount Etna, Sicily, will develop understanding of many of the complex processes that take place both on the surface and beneath volcanoes. Each day is spent in the field at key localities, studying the features and processes involved in the evolution of a basaltic volcano. The course allows students to improve their theoretical knowledge of volcanic processes and their field skills through a problem-based approach.

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Bárdarbunga eruption: NEMOH fellows among the scientist who are managing the crisis

An interview to Hannah Reynolds

An intense seismic swarm began at Bárdarbunga volcano on 16th August, prompting increased monitoring and preparation for a possible eruption. Bárdarbunga is a sub-glacial central volcano, beneath the Vatnajökull ice cap, and I was part of a group who went by helicopter to look for signs of activity on the ice surface.

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Under the ice…A trip at Vatnajökull glacier

by Cristian Montanaro and Hannah Reynolds

A sweet breeze in the air… steam puffed from the rocks… a big hard sun in a blue sky… immense cauldrons, black-reddish spines and rolling hills in a sea of white all around us… that is what we saw on top of Grimsfjall in Vatnajökull on the last day of our expedition. It all began on the 31th of May 2014 when a convoy of big jeeps, snow scooters and a Snowcat carried people of science, art and ice, up the slopes of Vatnajökull glacier. This annual expedition to Vatnajökull is a joint effort between the University of Iceland, the Icelandic Met Office and the Iceland Glaciological Society. One aim of this expedition is to take care of the huts at Grimsfjall, located at 1724 m a.s.l..

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 NEMOH School in Dublin: "Inverse methods in geophysics and volcanology"

by Johannes Thun and Karen Strehlow

Directly after the field school in Iceland, 16 exhausted yet happy NEMOHs fellows moved on to Ireland, where the next school was held from 1-5 September 2014 at University College Dublin (UCD). Due to the on-going eruption on Holuhraun/ Bárðarbunga, Hannah and Werner were left behind to deal with the situation. Together with a few more affiliates from various institutions, the rest of us were introduced into inverse methods in geophysics and volcanology.

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 NEMOH Field School in Iceland: "Volcano Deformation and Magmatic Processes"

by Hannah Reynolds and Werner Wittmann

The second NEMOH field school took place from 22-29 August in Iceland. Participants stayed at Hotel Leirubakki, with a beautiful view of Hekla volcano. All 18 NEMOH fellows attended the school, and were joined by 13 affiliated participants. The participants’ academic backgrounds ranged from Mathematics to Geology, and with nationalities from 16 different countries made for a very diverse group. The school comprised four lecture days, which were interspersed by three field days.

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