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NEMOH is an Initial Training Network under the European Community FP7. The training objective of NEMOH is that of forming the next generation of European volcanologists, capable of extending further the knowledge and understanding of volcano dynamics and the methods and paradigms for volcanic hazard evaluation. Training is conceived to develop in the context of internationally coordinated research structured in closely interconnected research activities.


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Numerical, Experimental and Theoretical Modeling of Volcanic Processes and Volcanic Hazards presents an overview of the scientific activities and results by the eighteen young scientists trained in NEMOH. The quality of the results, largely deriving from trans-disciplinary activities involving field geology, laboratory experiments, theoretical modeling, and numerical simulations, makes this volume a summary of state-of-the-art in many aspects of volcano dynamics and hazards, including recharge of magma chambers and convection-mixing dynamics inside them, rock dynamics, rock deformation and propagation of seismic waves, roles of aquifers and ice caps, dynamics of magma ascent and eruption with complex behavior of melt-crystal-gas mixtures, pyroclastic flow and volcanic plume dynamics, and analysis of uncertainties in volcanic hazard forecasts; including new developments in mathematical treatments and numerical approaches, experimental volcanology, and multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary applications.

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MITIGA Solution

Mitiga Solutions is a spin-off from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS) that provides commercial solutions capable to evaluate and manage atmospheric hazards such as volcanic ash, improving the management of risk for clients across multiple industries. MITIGA’s core technology (SORT-ATM: Solutions on Real-Time for Air Traffic Management) provides operational solutions to minimize the impact of volcanic ash hazards to the: i) Aviation industry; ii) Engine manufactures; and iii) Insurance and Reinsurance sectors; and iii) the engine manufacturing sector.